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About the blog ?Cheerful Seniors?
The blog “Cheerful Seniors” is thought-out as a platform for the presentation of views of the author, on the problems of illnesses associated with the old age and ways of preventing social pathologies related with aging of the populations worldwide. The Alzheimer’s disease and problems of dementia will find the special place here. Other authors are also invited to place their materials and comments. The blog “Cheerful Seniors” isn’t a commercial undertaking and won’t be placing any advertisements except for information about activity pro bono publico of companies and persons helping to maintain the blog.


About the author
Dr. Dariusz Stępkowski PhD, DSc is a researcher at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw, Poland. His interests include, issues associated with the research on neurodegenerative diseases such as prion diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson?s, and Huntington?s diseases in the context of molecular processes leading to illness as well as with the epidemiology of these illnesses. Also a subject of molecular motors is among scientific interests of the author. Molecular motors are protein molecules exchanging the energy of chemical bonds for the energy of the movement, which is necessary for migration of the entire organisms and organelles and other cargos inside cells. He is an author and a co-author of about 35 publications in scientific journals of international repute. The author runs also lectures promoting healthy aging and prevention and ways of treatment of dementia for the Universities of the Third Age, and families and the caregivers of dementia patients.

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